about us

The Place

"Ishin's interior design and lighting will set the mood right to get you started on an exquisite Japanese culinary journey."

Situated within the metropolitan area of Kuala Lumpur, Ishin is a fine dining Japanese restaurant that serves genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines.

From the moment you step through Ishin's doorway, you'll experience a warm and cozy ambience as Ishin's interior design and lighting will set the mood right to get you started on an exquisite Japanese culinary journey.

Ishin's oval sushi counter is also one of Malaysia's biggest counters that gives you first-hand experience to witness the chefs' meal preparations and it also encourages face-to-face interaction with the chefs.

Private rooms and Tatami seating are also available giving you flexibility to host private events and corporate functions in a comfortable setting where free valet services are also extended to dinner guests as an added convenience.

The Food

"Using only the finest quality ingredients air-flown directly from Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, Japan."

Meals are prepared upon order using only the finest quality ingredients air-flown directly from Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, Japan.

Be spoilt for choices by a wide spread of àla carte variety; ranging from Sashimi, Maki Sushi, Yakimono, Menrui, Nabemono, Shokuji up to Ishin's House Specialty Signature dishes. In addition, if you appreciate being served with a sumptuous sequence of a multi-course meal, Ishin's chefs will be more than delighted to prepare a customized Kaiseki creation of a six to twelve multi-course meal that reflects the changing seasons of Japan; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Ishin's Sashimi spread is well-known to meet the freshest and highest quality standard with generous serving portions. From Norwegian Salmon, Striped Jack, Yellow Tail Snapper, Scampi, Jumbo Shrimp, Butterfish, Octopus, Ark Shell up to Meji Tuna belly sashimi are served fresh on the platter with intricate garnishing, freshly grated wasabi and pickled ginger. Detailed thoughts and design skills are put into every dish served; creating a harmonious balance between refined taste, freshness and presentation perfection.

For those who enjoy cooked meals, Ishin offers a delectable spread of cooked food such as braised lamb, grilled Tuna jaw, delicate foiegras, tender and juicy stone grilled grade A5 Japanese Wagyu beef and other delish choices.


"A perfect balance of fine taste, quality, art and presentation."

Kaiseki embodies a perfect balance of fine taste, quality, art and presentation. The dishes are made with care and thought; enjoyed by ones who appreciate a complete fine dining experience.

Ishin's Kaiseki cuisines reflect the four seasons of Japan using imported seasonal ingredients aimed to enrich the final taste using a harmonious blend. They are also intricately decorated to perfection to reflect the seasonal theme of the meal. Using sheer craftsmanship and skill set, Ishin's chefs will arrange and prepare sublime Kaiseki six to twelve multi-course meal.

It's about a wholesome refined dining experience, where an absolute combined experience-taste-presentation-satisfaction is taken as first priority.


"Serving only those brewed to perfection."

Compliment your dishes with a variety of Sake ranging from House Sake, Ginjo to Kubota Manju. Ishin's premium Sake selection is amongst the much more delicate, fragrant, balanced and complex ones compared to ordinary Sake commonly served.

Sake is best enjoyed chilled or slightly chilled depending on the range. Ishin takes pride in its Sake offering and takes into consideration the balance of every Sake temperature served to avoid over chilling them to ensure its refined taste is not masked – only to be enjoyed to the fullest with every sip.

Ishin believes in serving those brewed to perfection that meet the grade to ensure patrons enjoy a 360° dining experience.

The Dessert

"Look forward to a wide selection of hand-crafted desserts."

End your meals with a sweet note where you can fully enjoy imported fresh fruits, flown-in with the changing seasons of Japan ranging from sweet Japanese melons, sun-kissed peaches, juicy persimmons, succulent strawberries up to rainbow kiwis.

One can also look forward to a wide selection of hand-crafted desserts. One of the menu highlights is Ishin's icy cool treats that will get your taste buds pampered with pure, natural and sweet goodness. Savour every scoop of Ishin's aroma-filled ice cream ranging from Macha, Macha Ogura, Melon, Momo, Yuzu, Wasabi, unique 3-flavour Mochi up to heavenly parfaits.

The Technology & the Human Touch

"Experience convenience and service excellence."

Be greeted with an iPad menu that turns your browsing and selection process into a breeze. Ishin is the first Japanese restaurant in Malaysia to present its menu using the iPad. Nevertheless, orders are still taken using the traditional pen and paper by Ishin's warm and friendly staffs. Even though technology has taken the front seat in today's society, Ishin still believes in good customer service and pleasant two-way interaction.

In addition, Ishin is now available on Google+ ensuring patrons receive an easy navigation to the restaurant. Also, patrons who visit Ishin will get a first-hand glance to the latest promos, limited period dishes and new dishes displayed on the LCD screens in the restaurant to enjoy great discounts, promos and to always be in-the-know.

Ishin is constantly updated with the latest technology and believes in on-going development to move forward with time to ensure patrons experience convenience and service excellence.

The Chef

"Be dazzled by Chef Q's creations."

Chef Q is the Executive Chef of Ishin and was trained under the re-known Master Chef Takao Ando for 14 years and acclaimed to be his best protégé. He has worked in numerous 5 star hotels and restaurants – each specializing in Japanese cuisines.

The Penang born talent discovered his passion for food as a little boy – where he grew up in a family that enjoys fine food and the fact that he grew up in one of the Northern states of Malaysia that is a well-known culinary paradise further boosted his love for food.

It was in early 1980s where he unearths his true passion in preparing Japanese cuisines when he was taken in as an apprentice in Tsurunoya Japanese Restaurant, Penang Mutiara Beach Resort. Since then, he has not looked back and continued to pursue his passion and sharpen his skills further.

Equipped with passion, talent and skill set, he gives his 100% in preparing fine meals for Ishin's patrons. Customers' satisfaction is what drives him and believes in only serving food that oneself will eat and enjoy.

Be dazzled by Chef Q's creations; they will indeed give you a delightful sensory pleasure with every mouthful.

Food Quality Assurance

"Ishin's food quality is maintained at the highest level and only the freshest is served; where only the finest taste is enjoyed."

Ishin's kitchen is equipped with a superior -60° C Dairei Super Freezer worth RM25,000; fully imported from Japan. It is a static cryogenic freezer to ensure the food is not dried out, preserving and locking in its natural juiciness and tastes.

It also helps to seal in the freshness, to allow long-term storage without any deterioration in its original colour or freshness. Storage at -60° C maintains freshness by preventing oxidation and drying of fats and limiting protein breakdown in the food. The technology supports the supply of safe ingredients, foods and products without the need to use preservatives and additives – thus the all-natural route.

With a smooth-flow of patrons who visit Ishin on a daily basis, each dish is served fresh with high turnover – hence quality and freshness is always present.This Super Freezer is an added quality assurance and investment to ensure Ishin's food quality is maintained at the highest level and only the freshest is served; where only the finest taste is enjoyed.